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Why Bollywood Movies Release On Friday? [UPDATED IN 2021]

Why Friday is The Movie Day In India |

Why Bollywood Movies Release On Friday Friday is a day of the week, which was special for everyone, because people are waiting impatiently, because, after this, the week begins on holidays, like on Saturday and Sunday, we do a lot of work as the week begins. have to go to a cinema house to watch a movie,

II tell you. The film Friday trend has come from Hollywood. Hollywood’s famous film ‘Gone With the Wind’ was released on Friday, 15 December 1939. Since then, every picture in Hollywood started being released on Friday. It is known when Quora and Yahoo are brainwashed.

‘Gone with the Wind’ was a romantic film made in the book written by Margaret Mitchell under the same name. The civil war of America was shown in this film. The film won 8 Academy Awards in different categories ranging from Best Director, Film, Screenplay, Actress.

Why Bollywood Movies Release On Friday? Why Friday is The Movie Day In India |

There is also a very solid region that Friday is the last working day of the week. Most schools and colleges have a holiday on Saturday-Sunday. In these two days, people do all their pending work with rest. Roam, go shopping, watch movies. On the whole, if you spend a lot of money, then gathering in the cinema hall is also necessary. And in India’s new work culture, in which people wait for the weekend, it is good to release the film on Friday.


A mentor on Kora also says that ‘Film Friday’ in India is associated with Lakshmi. It is said that Friday is the day of Lakshmi. Producers believe that by releasing the film on Friday, they will be pleased with Lakshmi.
Someone also said that the cinema owners had to pay more money to keep the screening of the film from any other day in the week from a commercial perspective. Whereas Friday used to cost less. That’s why people started releasing the film on Friday, and that became the custom

. In 2006, Rakesh Omprakash Mehra created ‘Rang De Basanti’, which was released on Wednesday. And exactly 10 years after that, ‘Sultan’ was released on Thursday. And there was no bad luck on them. You know how much of both films were hits.

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