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introduction to nanotechnology pdf

Nanotechnology is a word that means pleasure or small, and nanotechnology is a material made up of very small size elements. Thus nanotechnology is a technology applied science that 100 Works on particles smaller than nanometers; in nanotechnology, there is a study to control the metro nuclear molecule.

What can nanotechnology do?

Today, even though nanotechnology’s emphasis is on the use of nanotechnology, nanoscience and nanotechnology are not new because chemists have already made polymers for a long time. Computer chips baby use it in the last 20 Even though it works for years, Modi may work on small particles. Still, this power is very high because this technology can increase energy conservation efficiency with the help of this technology. The environment can be kept clean and overcome many severe health problems. Its special thing is that the products made from it will be smaller in size and lighter in weight and will be comparatively cheaper, besides it will take less to make these products. It is studied to control where the matter came from nanotechnology. What Is Elgato?

A nanometer is 1 billion part of 1 meter, i.e. 1 billion, and there are 25 million 4000 meters in 1 inch. One seat of the newspaper is about 1 nanometer. If a compressive peaked marble helper is not known, It must have happened to you that I sleep more small particles and learn how to take advantage of nanotechnology. It is essential that we can easily understand the cells present in the body in the cancer cells. the increase can increase production

The benefit of nanotechnology.

let’s talk about the benefit of With the help of nanotechnology, such a micro-drug can be made that can be made present in the body, which can identify and treat cancer cells separately from the countless cells present body, with the help of this technology, the molecular assembling of any material can be done. Can be easily understood and its side can be made as short as our hair, in addition to that it can be made much better, crop production can be increased and the poison emanating from the trains can be changed. Can be done and will be done even further, and the lights can be more that they will be used and will be able to change for the better. 

Nano Science and Technology Medical Science Environment Science Electronic Cosmetics Security Fabrics Medical Agriculture Defense Education and Research From among the many amazing places where you can make a career, now you can join in such a way

Through nanotechnology, weapons can be made light and strong in the light; light and protective solid shells can be made for soldiers, then nanotechnology is quite reliable. What Is Elgato?

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What is the disengagement of nanotechnology?

The largest disabilities have been given in disengagement that if you are talking about your security based on which the enemy can protect himself on that base, then there can be more trouble to deal with terrorists because If such technology comes into the hands of terrorists, it will be more dangerous if they go into the body, if they are beneficial then they will be effective. Still, if they are harmful, they will also cause the same harm. A nanoparticle is still good for the environment, but when it’s more If the product comes to the fore, then the environment may start to be damaged, there are fears that there may be dangers, but there is no open-ended problem yet. Some challenges are also emerging with nanotechnology due to the continuous increase in their product usage. And there are increasing concerns about human health as well.

What Is Elgato?


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