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How To Get Printer Online Error On Mac In 2021 Best Solution

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How To Get Printer Online: After purchasing your printer online or offline, you faced many errors while using them. The most common problem you will encounter is offline printer error in Mac and windows. In this situation, Your printer will show the “Printer offline” message to you on your screen, and the printer will not print anything.

Below we provided some of the valuable ways by which you can fix your offline printer error.


How To Get Printer Online On Mac By Fixing Printer Offline Issue

You might be thinking of How To Get Printer Online and shout out the “printer offline” issue. Don’t worry; the below-working Methods can help you fix your “printer offline” problem. And we assure after reading this article; you will not think ‘How To Get Printer Online‘ again.

Method 1: Restart Your Mac Or MacBook

This is the most common way by which you can turn your printer online. It would help if you restarted your MacBook. after restarting check, your printer is online or not.

If still, it won’t work, you should follow our following working Method by which you can fix your issue. “How To Get Printer Online.”

Method 2: Try To Re-Add Your Printer

Just follow the below steps to re-add your printer to fix “How To get Printer Online.”

1) Try To Open System Preference To Your Mac PC In the Dock with its Icon.

2) under the hardware category, you will find “Printer & Scanners” click on it.

Re add
Try to Re-add

3) right-click after choosing the offline printer. After, select the ‘Reset Printing System’ option to remove that Printer.

4) Now, Click on the ‘+’ Icon just located at the bottom of the same window to re-add your printer.

Hurry!! Your issue to solve “How To Get Printer Online” is fixed now. If you are still having trouble with How To Get Printer Online, follow our following working method. It might help you improve your offline printer to bring it online.

Method 3: Try To Resume Your Printer – To Bring It Online

To bring your printer online, you have to follow some of the steps below. Just follow the steps by which you can get turn your printer online.

1) On Your Mac PC, with the help of Icon in the Dock, open the System Preferences option.

2) Under Hardware Category, Find and click on the ‘Printer & Scanners‘ option.

How to get printer online
Printer and scanner

3) Right-click after selecting an offline printer. Open the queue window in your printer. Just choose the Option ‘Open Print Queue’.

4) You will find the ‘Resume Printer‘ Option at the top of the queue window. To turn your printer online, press on it.


Above are the best method to fix How To Get Printer Online. You can quickly bring your printer online from offline to this process. If you found this helpful method, share it with your friends and family if they have trouble “How To Get Printer Online.”

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