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How to Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working 2021

Fix Keyboard Not Working 2021

Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working or How To Fix Keyboard Not Working has many people search on the Internet. There are numerous methods to Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working errors. This error might be facing you for many days but, don’t worry, we have solutions. We assure you that your problem Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working will be short out quickly with this solution.

Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working In 2021

To Fix the Error Keyboard Not Working, We had only listed the working Methods To short out Keyboard Not Working error in 2021. Just follow our below-mentioned methods to Fix Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working.

Method 1: Try To Update or Reinstall Keyboard Driver 

Many people come across this problem “Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working” and search on the Internet for ways to Fix Keyboard Not Working.

Don’t worry; you are in the right place. Just follow the below-mentioned details to update and reinstall your keyboard driver to windows 10.

#1. Just open the Device Manager into your Windows 10 Computer.

#2. Just Expand the Keyboard by clicking on the next side arrow.

#3. On your keyboard driver, right-click, from the drop-down menu Select ‘Uninstall Device’

#4. Try to restart your PC. Automatically, your keyboard driver will start installing.

#5. Enjoy !!

Your issue Keyboard not working has been fixed. If still Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working error is facing by manually updating your keyboard driver or following, the following Method might be it works.

To manually update your Keyboard drivers, you need to follow #1 and #2 from the details mentioned above.

After that, choose the Update Driver option from the menu in #3. Now it will ask your permission to search updated driver software automatically.

Method 2: Disable ‘Allow computer to turn off this device to save your power option.’

In power Management settings, in Windows 10. In Windows 10, there are an alternative in power the executives’ sets that permit it to debilitate fringe gadgets like your console.

Just disable by following the given instructions below.

#1. Open ‘Device Manager’ in Windows 10.

#2. Just Expand the ‘Universal Serial Bus controller’ by clicking on the next arrow button.

#3. on USB, Double-Click to which Keyboard is connected. It will automatically open its properties windows.

#4. Now, go into the ‘Power Management option, uncheck that box for Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power, then restart your computer.

Hope !! Your issue Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working error has been fixed now. If again Keyboard Not Working properly follows our following Method to Fix Keyboard Not Working.


Method 3: Try Keyboard Troubleshooter

After following the details mentioned above, if your issue Keyboard Not Working has still not been fixed, try the below information to resolve your issue with the Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working.

#1. Just click on the start button at the bottom left corner of your screen then, click on ‘settings.’

#2. ‘Find and Fix Keyboard Problem’ you need to find this option and click on it. You can find it using the on-screen Keyboard by typing in the search bar.

#3. To initiate the keyboard problem, press on the Next option.

#4. Now Your issue Windows 10 Keyboard Not Working will be identified.

We hope this Method might work to Fix the Keyboard Not Working error. Still, we recommend you our following Method if you have this issue.

Method 4: Look Out your keyboard Condition

After performing all the details mentioned above, look out for your keyboard Condition. It might be any physical problem with your Keyboard which occurs Keyboard not working issue.

#1. Just look out for your keyboard Condition, either your Keyboard is in working condition or not. It might happen that Connected cables are not working correctly or your Keyboard is physically damaged.

#2. If you have Wireless Keyboard, check either your keyboard Condition is ok or not. Also, check your keyboard battery. If it requires changing the battery then, change it with new ones.

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